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Breakthrough All-In-One Branding Software Helps You Easily & Quickly Create Logos, Mockups & Logo Teaser Videos For Clients - Charge What You Want!

Create & Sell Over 300 Million STUNNING Designs To Website Owners, eCommerce Store Owners, Local Business Owners, And Many More… WITHOUT Any Design or Technical Skills
Start Your Own Branding & Marketing Agency!

Rebrand & Reinvent Businesses in 2022 & Attract High Paying Premium Buyers In Just 3 Simple Steps…


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No Matter What Type Of Business…

4brand Is Your One-Stop Shop For Building STUNNING Business Branding Designs Quick-n-Easy

Take A Look At Some Brands That Rebranded To Take Their Profits To A New Level…

The International House of Pancakes moved from a text heavy, big blue box to a much lighter more modern look. Notice how there seems to be a face and its smiling in the new logo, while the old logo hinted at a frown. Branding sets the tone for the customer experience. Now IHOP starts you with a smile.
Apple was nearly bankrupt; now it’s ruling the world
Apple is by far one of the best rebranding examples you can find. Apple has rebranded more than five times since 1976.
When you look at Apple’s logo now and in 1976, it is a move that can be considered as effective branding.
The logo is now is easily identifiable and relatable which is partly why Apple has gained a global presence. It aimed at creating a brand that people can easily connect with and it is plausible to say that it has achieved just that—many experts believe that Apple’s brand is the key to its success.

Facebook Renames Itself Meta

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4brand Is Built For Entrepreneurs & Marketers Across All Levels

Nothing To Download Or Install. Just login and see how fast you get paid.
No Prior Experience Needed. Zero Learning Curve. Easy to understand. Just choose and change.
Created Keeping Both First Timers And Part-Timers In Mind
Hey Fellow Marketer

I am Neil Napier.

I have built multiple seven figure businesses. And the one thing that has been consistent in every successful venture, is clear, professional branding.

I have helped my users make immense profits, super-fast, and today I am here to introduce yet another revolutionary tool that helps with Business Branding Designs such as Logos, Mockups, Logo Teaser Videos, and more.

But first - let me share some facts that attracted me to this market…

That means

Every day there are over half a million NEW websites created. And ALL of them require professional branding.

And when my R&D team deep-dived further… they found out even more mind blowing facts like:

77% of customers refer to certain products by a brand name
1/3 of customers have a brand in mind when they go shopping
Over 65% of people have formed an emotional connection to a brand
75% of people recognize a brand by its logo, 60% by its visual style, 45% by the brand’s signature color, and 25% by its unique voice
A Logo is the #1 most recognizable brand identifier, followed by the visual style
Customers who have an emotional bond with a brand are over 50% more valuable than highly satisfied customers

All this pointed to one thing…



When it comes to doing business - The Future Of Your Business Depends Very Heavily On ONE FACTOR…

Yes, you can of course create these branding designs for your business or pay someone to do that for you – it’s a one-time investment (and worth every single penny you would end up spending on it)

But – look at this whole ‘Revamp Branding’ exercise a bit differently…not just as a business owner – rather as a Marketer or an Entrepreneur with his/her thinking hat on…

…and you’d see the HUGE income potential that providing such services to other businesses presents.

Well - we did just that and dug deeper…only to be shocked!!

For some reason… even with all the turmoil of the last 20 months forcing businesses to go digital, resulting in a HUGE demand for “Branding” agencies…

…we were shocked that only a handful of people are actually tapping into this fast-growing industry.

All this pointed to one thing…

We Discovered WHY…


Designing & Developing Business Branding Designs Are No Joke…You Have To Be Ready To Sacrifice TIME, MONEY, And Immeasurable LABOR HOURS


Before I Show You How You Can Start A Branding & Marketing Agency…

…Just Take A Look At The Kind Of $ You Can Make Selling Branding Services….


Now until today… you had only 2 options if you are interested in starting your OWN Branding & Marketing Agency…


By Learning How To Design…

It can be quite overwhelming to know where to start and what to trust.

On average it will take you about a month to learn the basics of Photoshop like using paint tools, masks, layers, and applying filters.

If you want to learn how to crop a picture, for example, it may take you an hour. If you are replacing a background image, probably a few hours. If you are an illustrator, it could take you a few days to get used to the painting tools.

If you have a few months to spare, this is the option to go for as you’ll learn how to design & build a logo or create a mockup yourself.

Basic requirement:

Designing Skills & Countless hours to spare


By Buying Expensive & Complicated Tools…

You need the right set of tools to multiply your talent and create spectacular custom designs.

If you want to master complicated software like Premiere Pro, Canva, Photoshop, After Effect or Inkscape, you must not only dedicate all your time and energy towards it but also part ways with a lot of your hard-earned money.

Basic requirement:

Creative Skills + Mental capacity to pick up new software


Now In Case You Are Not Prepared To Put In All That Extra Work, You Can Always Hire Experts To Get The Job Done For You.


But Remember…

Designers Either Charge By The Hour Or Charge An Extremely Exorbitant Per Project Fee. Be Prepared To Shell Out Almost All Your Savings Before You Can Pocket Your First Dollar!

Take a look:

Not Just Freelancers…
There are agencies you can outsource to:


If We Didn’t Have Proof, You Would Never Believe How Much These Companies Charge For A Simple Branding Job!

That’s right… but pick your jaw off the floor…
I have a solution that will make you breathe easy again!

Well, I knew there had to be another option, and so months of hard work and thousands of dollars later, my team and I created what we like to call 




This option lets you create stunning Logos, Mockups, brand graphics & Logo Teaser Videos BY YOURSELF in just 60 SECONDS.


The Quickest & Easiest Way To

Create & Sell Business Branding Designs To Businesses In Just 3 Easy Steps…




Select Your Template



Generate Over 300 Million Stunning Designs.
Based on your preference, pick out a template from our assorted range of options to create a logo, mockup or logo teaser video





Simply drag-n-drop elements to re-design the existing template to match your brand identity.


Save & Sell



With the click of a button, download your final design for personal use or sell them to clients for big bucks

4brand Will Create Any Business Branding Design You Need For Your Business Or For Your Clients At Lightning Speed…



Here’s A Sneak Peek Of 4brand In Action…



Take A Look At These Mind Blowing Features That Will Make You The #1 Branding Agency



Beginner-Friendly Interface


If you are a newbie with zero technical knowledge, don’t worry we got you!

Our team has worked hard to design an interface that is so easy to use and effortless to pick up on.

All you have to do is drag and drop elements to create your desired designs. It’s that simple!

Bring your vision to reality with just a few clicks. Honestly, you’ll be stunned to learn just how easy it actually is.

Effortless profits are just a hop, skip and a jump away. And it’s got your name all over it.

Breakthrough Visual Creator


If Ideally to create visual content you would need quite a bit of technical and design experience, not to mention the programming languages to digitally bring your ideas to life.

But guess what? 4brand does you one up by allowing you to skip all those parts and STILL create professional visual representations stunning enough to take your breath away.

This platform is 100% newbie-friendly, equipped with breakthrough technology, with a built-in What-You-See-is- What-You-Get editor so there is literally no way you could go wrong.

So with 100% perfection guaranteed, what more could you ask for?

Ridiculously Gripping Visual Creations


You have the power to create impressive logos, mockups & logo teaser videos within minutes that too without breaking a sweat.

And the best part? You have a pool of over 300 million designs to choose from!

You can unleash your creative side by starting completely from scratch or selecting one of our designer templates that will please the perfectionist in you.

These are no ordinary designs, they have been strategically put together to guarantee audience captivation, which leads to more traffic eventually achieving your ulterior motive—more sales!

Irresistible Templates


Each user has two options - Start with a blank canvas and work your way through or select from over 300 ready-to-use templates.

Our templates are not only top of the charts, professionally designed eye-catchers, but they are fully customisable to your preferences to make sure you are beyond satisfied with the final result.

Drag and drop, copy and paste or point and click your way through to build a stunning design for you or your client.

Never-Ending Assortment Of Designs


You are going to be presented with so many options that no two designs will EVER look the same.

The combinations are endless and your creativity will have to be held back on a leash with the number of possibilities available.

Change the shapes, size, color, font or texture of your design with just a few clicks and there you have it..beautiful designs at your fingertips all day every day.

Be prepared to deal with all the new attention you will be flooded with!

Unlimited Storage & Bandwidth


Unlike other branding business design-building tools, there is no cap on the amount of storage you receive with 4brand.

There’s absolutely no restriction to the number of clients you can expand to and the easy and interactive interface provides a rich experience while accessing your massive storage area.

No more limiting yourself due to space shortage, we’ve removed all the obstacles while you’re on your path of building some insane profits.

Secure Cloud Sync


Your data remains secure while you work completely online efficiently and effortlessly.

No need to install or download anything.

You can always access your files on the cloud storage without disrupting your changes.

We are always thinking about your convenience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Profit Magnet At Zero Cost


Whether you choose to work with our existing templates or make use of our custom elements to create your own design, 4brand is guaranteed to capture those eyeballs and retain your audience almost every time.

This guarantees a boost in your profile visits, higher click through rates and then higher conversions, and the best part? You get all this without spending a single additional dollar.

Get Access To All These Incredible Features:


10,000+ Multi-Color Logo Icons
Over 300+ Fonts
50+ Mockup Templates
10 Logo Intro Video Templates
Render HD Logo Intro Videos
Create 25 Designs Per Month
Helpful & Knowledgeable Support
Training & Tutorials
Product Creators
Video Marketers
Digital Product Sellers
Affiliate Marketers

Businesses That Are Desperately Looking For Branding & Marketing Agencies


Interior Designers
Car Dealers
Life Coaches
And basically every business EVER
Here’s The Icing On The Cake…


We Are Offering Some Exclusive Bonuses ABSOLUTELY FREE When You Get 4brand Today!



Making 6-figures with 4brand

Valued at $497



When you purchase 4brand today, you also unlock access to our 3-part bonus session series. In each session, we will go deeper into 4brand, sharing with you effective ways in which you can monetize your branding agency. This alone is worth 5x what you will pay today, and it’s yours for free!



Valued at $297



Turn your static banners into eye-catching animated graphics. AnimatioX allows you to create UNLIMITED animated banners in a few clicks. Comes with easy to use drag and drop editor and over 1500 banner templates in over 28 categories to choose from.

You can export as MP4, GIF, JPEG, PNG, HTML5, or simply embed on your website to get real-time stats of clicks and views. You can also embed your FB and Google pixels to grow you custom audience on Facebook and Google respectively.


Rank your videos

Valued at $97



As the digital age continues to evolve, one thing remains true – online video isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Video content is on the rise, and people everywhere can’t seem to get enough. In fact, video traffic will account for 80% of all consumer internet traffic. This video training will show you how to get your videos ranked on 1st page YT/VIMEO.

Free Limited-Time Upgrade Reserved For Only An Elite Few

Our Commercial License Will Have You Selling Business Branding Designs For Top Dollar Effortlessly


(But only if you press ‘Buy Now’ today)


Every business is currently in the same boat: they all need a good online presence to survive in this digital age and they desperately need help to actively shape their brand for profit.
Many times companies don’t even realize that a lousy brand image is the reason they are struggling so much.
Now think of the market opportunity if you can step right in and help them build a brand that turns their business around.
They will be so thankful that they won’t think twice before paying you any amount you ask for.
And all you have done is… create some stunning business branding designs for them in less than 60 seconds.
I know you’re anxious to get your hands on 4brand with all of its incredible features, but I just want to up the ante and over-deliver a bit more okay?
That’s why I’m going to throw in a commercial license FOR FREE when you purchase 4brand during this launch offer today.
Normally, this option is included in an upsell, but I’m going to have my team unlock it for you just as a reward for purchasing 4brand right now.

With this option alone you’ll be able to:


Sell business branding designs for top dollar
Run a brand designing agency for offline and online businesses
Manage business branding design creation such as logos, mockups, and logo teaser videos for multiple businesses

When It Comes To Features & Resources… 4brand Is Miles Ahead Of Its Competitors


The ONLY Catch Is…

4brand is a world-class futuristic software that helps create business branding designs such as logos, mockups, logo teaser videos and more. Trust us when we say this is one offer you do not want to miss out on… Let us try to explain it better… you know that uncomfortable fear when you think about missing your flight… Well, its like that but 100 times that.
Once word spreads about how easy 4brand is to use, everyone will be scrambling to get their hands on it.
Additionally, if you’re the only agency offering customised business branding designs now… then you’re already miles ahead in separating yourself from the competition.
So you have got to hurry if you want to grab the “fast mover’s advantage” and profit like never before!
Try This Incredible Technology. You Know You Want To.


Keep Pushing Forward, You’re Completely Protected With Our 14 Day Money-Back Guarantee


Explore the power of 4brand today!
We want you to hop-on to this platform with ZERO hesitation. That’s the reason we have decided to offer you a full 14-day trial period to experience just how amazing this platform is, yourself.
Simply grab a copy of 4brand during the limited launch period, use it for a full 14 days and earn some insane profits during this time.
If for whatever reason, you feel that this technology is not the right fit for you, don’t worry… simply write to us within these 14 days and we will immediately refund your full investment back. No questions asked

ACT NOW! You’re Never Going To Come Across A Better Deal Than This!


Pay Once
Buy Today
Create And Sell 100s Of Business Branding Designs


  • 25 Agency Seats
  • Access To The 4-In-1 Branding Suite
  • Create 10 Assets Per Month
  • 5,000+ Multi-Color Logo Icons
  • 150 Fonts
  • 25 Mockup Templates
  • 5 Logo Intro Video Templates
  • 50 Logo Templates
  • 50 Brand Design Templates
  • 150 Ready-To-Use Templates
  • Access To Create Unlimited Logo Designs
  • Beginner-Friendly Interface
  • Breakthrough Visual Creator
  • Create Stunning Visuals
  • Modern Designs
  • Render HD Logo Intro Videos
  • World-Class Support
  • Training & Tutorials
  • For Personal Use Only
Fast Action Bonuses




  • Bonus #1: Making 6-figures with 4brand valued at $497
  • Bonus #2: AnimatioX valued at $297
  • Bonus #3: Rank your videos valued at $97


  • 25 Agency Seats
  • Access To The 4-In-1 Branding Suite
  • Create 25 Designs Per Month
  • 10,000+ Multi-Color Logo Icons
  • Over 300+ Fonts
  • 50Mockup Templates

  • 10 Logo Intro Video Templates

  • 100 Logo Templates

  • 100 Brand Design Templates

  • 300 Ready-To-Use Templates
  • Access To Create Unlimited Logo Designs
  • Beginner-Friendly Interface
  • Breakthrough Visual Creator
  • Create Stunning Visuals
  • Modern Designs
  • Render HD Logo Intro Videos
  • World-Class Support
  • Training & Tutorials
  • License For Commercial Use INCLUDED!
Fast Action Bonuses




  • Bonus #1: Making 6-figures with 4brand valued at $497
  • Bonus #2: AnimatioX valued at $297
  • Bonus #3: Rank your videos valued at $97






Only Profits From Here On Out!
Welcome To Your Successful Future!
Neil Napier.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How easy is it to use 4brand?
4brand is as easy as ABC. You can make profits instantly using this sophisticated technology without any experience or special skills! All you need to do is drag and drop elements to create breathtaking designs that you can sell for the top dollar.

Q. What if I don’t enjoy using 4brand?
Well, that would be a bummer… But only for us! We have designed this technology keeping your comfort in mind. So, when you buy 4brand today, you also get a 14-day money-back guarantee from our end. If you don’t enjoy it, simply say the word and you will receive the entire amount back instantly!

Q. Is 4brand Windows and Mac compatible?
4brand works like magic on any IOS or Windows device. It is hosted on reliable cloud servers so you can log on from anywhere at any time.

Q. Do you charge any monthly fees?
Yes, but not when you purchase this software today. During this launch period, 4brand is being offered at the lowest one-time cost ever. So you don’t have to pay any monthly fees. But, if for any reason you miss out on this offer…you will lose this incredible price (along with all the bonuses) and will have to pay a higher recurring fee too.

Q. Will I get any training or support for my questions?
Yes, we’ve got you covered. Our team of experts are available round the clock to provide you with the support that you need. The step-by-step training is also included to make you an expert within minutes.

Q. Do I need to download & install 4brand somewhere?
No. You have got nothing to download or install ever. Additionally, we push automatic updates through the cloud to make your experience bigger and better.

Q. I’m on board, what should I do next?
Simply hit buy now & we’ll see you on the inside.

Should you need anything else, we are just a message away!

  • EASY TO USE: Easily create branding assets and visuals
  • DEDICATED AGENCY LICENSE: Give clients their own access under your master account
  • CREATE: Organize, Manage & Publish Branding Visuals On The Go
  • FAST RENDERING: Ultra-Fast Hosting Server For Super-Fast Rendering
  • NOTHING TO DOWNLOAD OR INSTALL: Fully Cloud-based #Responsive

Your Brand Building Superpower

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One-Time Payment | No Monthly Fee | 25 Agency Seats Included

The numbers show that there are thousands of local and online businesses willing to pay thousands of dollars to someone to help them with this: creating professional branding for their company. And that’s exactly what 4brand does for you.

Start your very own branding agency using the 4brand app and keep 100% of the revenue.

Starting a Branding Agency is something only a few smart marketers are doing.